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The CARABUS Collection

Formed by Robots. Crafted by People.

The Carabus Collection is the result of conflating concepts of traditional craft with processes of advanced robotic fabrication.


The aim was to address issues like tacit material knowledge, craftsmanship, and through a contemporary lens.


Carabus embraces the imperfections of the process and highlights both machine and handcraft using robotically formed copper as well as camel leather and walnut wood.

Designed by Ammar Kalo


Forming tool marks are celebrated throughout the object and recall the qualities of handcrafted objects. The surface dimples not only reflect the traditional craft of hand forming metals but also adds strength to the pieces by locally stiffening the metal near the edges.

This collection started as an exploration into a metal process incremental sheet metal forming. It’s a process that utilizes a robotic arm with a simple spherical forming tool, programmed to follow a toolpath and slowly pushes on the sheet metal until the desired shape is achieved without requiring a die.

Once the process was perfected, a series of bowls using this fabrication method were first made as a proof of concept. A number of different metals were tested as well but copper was ultimately chosen because of its relative softness, as well as its links to rich traditions of metal forming. The collection still retains much of the design characteristics form that original bowl, and it includes two mirrors, a cabinet, a coffee table, and a stool.

In addition to Copper, Camel leather and Walnut were chosen as the main materials to refine the pieces further and add a layer of sophistication on top of the technical work. They also work well together to create a cohesive colour palette. The mirrors were also tinted to complement this palette.

Even though the copper shells were made using a robot, the forms and textures still have an organic softness to them so the fabrication method doesn’t completely overtake the project. Most of the materials were handcrafted and hand-assembled including the formed copper pieces, which were welded together into their final design.

CARABUS is made in the UAE.