Design needs us. And we need design.

The Esra Lemmens Gallery is manifested from a desire to empower extraordinary creations from designers and artists who explore unconventional routes and go beyond traditional territories of expression. The remarkable one-of-a-kind Gallery showcases collectible design by established and emerging designers and artists from around the world.

“Collectible design is made up of stories that resonate with the people who collect them.
It is the narrative expression and charm that captures their imagination,
and on which their emotional attachment is founded.
Its value comes to life when it is lived with and loved, used and cherished.”
– Esra Lemmens


Whilst entering the new territory of collectible contemporary design, the new collector embraces a sophisticated attitude that includes a quest for greatness in design, developing an understanding of materials, techniques, and design poetry.  Lemmens holds an in-depth understanding of the diverse spectrum of design from the 20th-century, she is able to vocalise the fascinating historical and sociological findings that created the 20th-century movements in design and art.

The Esra Lemmens Gallery identifies and advances poignant narratives by interlacing contemporary design, visual and conceptual art. The gallery derives entrepreneurial inspiration from the three-step couture model of vertical integration: creation, production, and retail. It brings together an ambitious collection that supports current trends relevant to the development of global contemporary design.

The Esra Lemmens Gallery provides a solid foundation for the growing voices of the industry. The unique platform serves as a creative and expressive channel that encourages and challenges the most innovative minds from the Middle East to Europe, Asia, and America.