CARABUS Coffee Table

CARABUS Coffee Table

The works of Ammar Kalo explore a connection between conventional craft and advanced technology merging traditional processes with modern manufacturing methods. Marrying contemporary curves with traditional techniques and a fusion of digital fabrication places Ammar Kalo in a position where he wears various hats allowing him to bring his skills together in his design projects.


As a result of using some inseparable links that connect form-making, fabrication tools, and materials, Kalo gets exceptionally experimenting with his dexterities to do unique design projects.


    Most of Kalo’s designed furniture represents simple joineries and offers an organic feel that interprets his style. Carrying the same diversity, Kalo loves to show his creativity on specific projects and one-off commissions. Kalo’s 2016 compilation of Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design in the New York museum is enough to explain his work aesthetic. The collection includes two pieces N- bowl and Stratum.

    Kalo hopes to expand his practices in and out of the region with the same approach. The aim is to broaden his exposure and bridge the gaps in his research interest and practices.


    H: 35 cm

    L: 110 cm

    W: 80 cm


    Copper, camel leather, walnut & tinted mirrors


    6 - 8 weeks


    Custom colors and finishes are available on request and after consultation with artist.


    These products are designed as works of art and are sold as such. The buyer is expected to regard these products as works of art. In the event that these works of art are used as functional objects, they shall not be subject to the usual requirements of a functional object.

    Esra Lemmens Gallery accepts no liability arising from any use of these products other than as works of art.

    All works represented by the Esra Lemmens Gallery are original and colours or shapes might slightly differ from images.