CRYSTALLINE Small Metalic Vase

CRYSTALLINE Small Metalic Vase

Pekar's Crystalline Glaze is his most acclaimed collection. All the ceramic vases in this collection have a special glaze-like effect. To create this effect, Pekar uses a unique mixture of ceramic glaze ingredients. The glaze is then applied to vases and fired to high temperatures. This technique isn't as simple as it sounds. Pekar has spent days with disastrous results until he had a successful formulation.

Creating these vases require special care as crystalline can crack during the cooling time. Pekar uses different color combinations, crystals, and design shapes very creatively to make Crystalline Glaze Vases.


'After many months of testing various glazes, I became very interested in the Crystal Glazes. I have put in many hours for the research and developed my glazes. It took many mistakes, testing, remixing, and experimentation to achieve the results that I wanted finally.'


    Czech ceramic designer Milan Pekar specializes in designing porcelain pieces that tell the story of their process.

    His renowned works include crystalline glazed vases. Unlike other vases, Pekar uses extensive techniques to create his masterpiece. His collection of porcelain vases has a breathtaking glaze effect. Pekar has proved that he is an extraordinary ceramic designer and maker. With his collections of ceramic pieces, he was won several awards and gained international recognition.

    The glazing technique Milan use is so fascinating that he spends most of the time experimenting with it. He works with different colors to find the perfect combination for a ceramic glaze. Because of his unique work, he is one of the most important ceramic designers in contemporary Czech ceramics and porcelain.


    Ø: 15 cm

    H: 24 cm




    4 - 6 weeks


    Custom colors and finishes are available on request and after consultation with artist.


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