PLAIN CLAY Dining chair with armrest

PLAIN CLAY Dining chair with armrest

This collection includes PLAIN CLAY pieces that hold a significant artistic value, such as chairs, stools, coffee tables, and table lamps. These pieces are available in various colors in bright and pale hues.

Speaking of colors, these pieces aren't lacquered with any regular paint. The clay used to make furniture pieces is pigmented beforehand molding. Pigmentation of colors and hand molding technique keeps these pieces original and minimalistic.


The PLAIN CLAY Collection reflects the innocence and creativity of a child. Its simplistic design and pigmented primary colors keep the pieces simple yet unique.


    Known for rebellious, theatrical, and artistic signature, Maarten baas is a well-respected designer who’s works comprise numerous private and major prestigious collections, including Les Arts Décoratifs Paris, MOMA New York, and Victoria & Albert Museum London.

    Baas is among the top influential artist-designers of the early twenty-first century. His work lies in the boundaries between contemporary design and minimalistic art. He holds a unique stance in the field, personifying conceptual art, craftsmanship, public space, and installation into his oeuvre.

    Baas has created several collections featuring unique furniture and utensils. In his 2006 series, Clay, he has created his collections by hand using skillful techniques and contemporary styles. His most famous works are Clay, Smoke, and Real-Time.

    In 2009, Baas was awarded the' Designer of the Year' at Design Basel (Miami). In 2012, the New York Times listed two of his prestigious collections Smoke and Clay in its 'Top 25 Design Classic of the Future.' Furthering his success, Baas also won the Art prize for his Real Time Sweeper's Clock.


    H: 82 cm

    W: 55 cm

    L: 45 cm


    Industrial clay


    8-10 weeks


    Custom colors are available on request and after consultation with artist at additional costs.


    These products are designed as works of art and are sold as such. The buyer is expected to regard these products as works of art. In the event that these works of art are used as functional objects, they shall not be subject to the usual requirements of a functional object.

    Esra Lemmens Gallery accepts no liability arising from any use of these products other than as works of art.

    All works represented by the Esra Lemmens Gallery are original and  colours or shapes might slightly differ from images.