Floris Wubben has mastered new application techniques for ceramics. His quest for pushing existing materials has led him to create exceptional pieces. Floris has introduced a 'pressing-machine' technique that shapes and develops bespoke ceramic-based designs. Not only did Floris introduce the new technique, but he also developed a pressing-machine for its application.


This machine extrudes epoxy-clay objects and adds tint to make the material long-lasting. By using the same technique, Floris brings various shapes and designs to the object. The machine pushes the composite material, which defines the texture and color. This technique makes a durable yet light-weight object. The 'pressing' of ceramic is performed by manipulating and molding different materials into unimaginable designs. This technique produces a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and formations. The pressed method also works faster and creates long-lasting material.


    Floris Wubben is an Amsterdam-based artist who specializes in manipulating materials to make unique art pieces that push the boundaries of form and function. Floris tries to get the most out of materials and craftsmanship in each of his works.

    With his innovative designs and unique cutting of materials, he creates exceptional pieces. He aims to put certain materials into new perspectives. Floris believes that with transforming and combing materials, new perspectives naturally arise. With each collection, Floris explores new materials, application techniques, and designs.

    He picks materials and application methods to create a certain concept. He focuses on giving the materials a new purpose. For example, he has cleverly used decorative material for construction. He is known for making ceramic decorative pieces. He also designs mirrors, furniture, and lighting.


    Ø: 32 cm

    H: 46 cm




    4 - 6 weeks


    Custom colors and finishes are available on request and after consultation with artist.


    These products are designed as works of art and are sold as such. The buyer is expected to regard these products as works of art. In the event that these works of art are used as functional objects, they shall not be subject to the usual requirements of a functional object.

    Esra Lemmens Gallery accepts no liability arising from any use of these products other than as works of art.

    All works represented by the Esra Lemmens Gallery are original and  colours or shapes might slightly differ from images.