TWISTED Extreme 0.1 Chair

TWISTED Extreme 0.1 Chair

To create the 'Twisted Collection,' Ward Wijnant played with the supremacy of materials as tough as steel. He has twisted the steel to form various pieces.


One would think that Ward challenged the laws of Physics to create such a unique collection. But he merely followed them and relied on unique application techniques. Nonetheless, creating 'Twisted' wasn't easy. He channeled immense effort, hard work, and force to mold iron rods by twisting, turning, and bending.


This collection features various furniture pieces and accessories. Twisted includes cabinets, seating, light fixtures, and mirrored accessories. All the pieces are the result of twisting, turning, and bending rods of steel.


    The artist and furniture maker, Ward Wijnant, is known for his interpretation of the diversity of older methods and materials, and translating them into contemporary designs that pay attention to detail and finish. To Ward, it is this unexpected element of discovery is what’s meaningful in a product or design.z

    All of his collections and projects have one thing in common; furniture-making combined with modern techniques. All the pieces from his collections display a variety, from simple and minimalistic to bright and funky.

    Ward Wijnant combines furniture making techniques, knowledge of different materials, and creativity with unusual designs to produce stunning furniture pieces. He experiments with materials that aren't commonly used for making furniture. He uses these materials intelligently to form durable furniture that is an incredible piece of art as well.

    Being a contemporary artist and constructor, Ward doesn't disregard old methods and materials. If you look at his art pieces in-depth, you might see some old artistic techniques to make something entirely new. His inspiration is mainly the traditionally-made object and the techniques involved in their construction. His artwork takes a modern twist at ancient craft techniques. He has an eye for detail that allows him to play with different textures and designs.


    H: 83 cm

    L: 38 cm

    W: 52 cm


    Powder coated steel


    8 weeks


    These products are designed as works of art and are sold as such. The buyer is expected to regard these products as works of art. In the event that these works of art are used as functional objects, they shall not be subject to the usual requirements of a functional object.

    Esra Lemmens Gallery accepts no liability arising from any use of these products other than as works of art.

    All works represented by the Esra Lemmens Gallery are original and  colours or shapes might slightly differ from images.